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Achieving success in life and work is like building a bonfire. It takes just the right arrangement of seasoned wood and kindling to fan a fire into a safe source of heat. At WoodFire Leadership, we enable leaders to choose the very best resources to ignite the spark in themselves and enjoy the warmth of the blaze.

Which of these questions keep you up at night?

  • When will people find out that I'm an IMPOSTOR, just pretending that I know what I'm doing?
  • Why do I feel inadequate when I don't know all the answers?
  • When is it safe to let go and let others make decisions and take action?
  • What is it about change that makes my tummy ache?
  • When will I be satisfied with who I am and how I'm doing?

Being a leader who inspires others to connect to a common vision in this time of constant change is challenging. With the responsibility of keeping yourself and others engaged, excited and energetic, every leader needs a source of fuel to keep the fire in our own bellies burning. We at WoodFire Leadership are here to be that source.

Get your FREE Saboteur Assessment here

At WoodFire Leadership in Atlanta, GA, we offer 4 specific services tailored to magnify the strengths of current leaders, emerging leaders, and the people they lead.

Cutting Edge Assessments

Cutting Edge Assessments

Know yourself. Know those you lead and serve. Be extraordinary – your way.

  • Hiring
  • Development
  • Engagement
  • Career suitability
  • Communication
  • Success Interceptors
  • Stressors


Coaching: Leadership and Growth Strategy

Let your light shine
Lead yourself first. Then lead others.
Lead by example, whatever your role in the world. It’s a lifelong learning journey.

Explore: The 7 Logs that make your Leadership Flame Leap
 Inspired by The Holy Currencies: Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries
By Eric H. F. Law

Betsy believes that extraordinary leadership is a mission we accept

  • Wellness
  • Truth
  • Relationships
  • Gracious Generosity
  • Place
  • Time
  • Financial Acumen

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness – Mental Martial Arts Bootcamp and Beyond

Based on Positive Intelligence, PQ Mental Martial Arts is a new and powerful way for people to develop their ability to break through barriers and deliver success. - no kicks or punches required.

  • The brain is similar to a muscle. Take it to the gym for a workout.
  • Weaken the negative part of the brain that houses Saboteurs.
  • Strengthen the positive Sage brain area
  • Build self-control of our thoughts so that we have greater stamina, solve problems faster, and make better decisions.

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Facilitation and Leadership Workshops

  • Design and Facilitation services for retreats and meetings
  • Coaching Skills for Managers – Coaching Style of Leadership
  • Workshops: Leadership, Conflict Management, Stress Management and more
  • Emotional Intelligence Development

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